Success story of K-PNU graduate: Oksana Hrushanska – a graduate of the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Journalism. Journalist, editor and screenwriter, she works in the team of independent film production Real Stories Production (the field of documentary film, social video products and animated films).

Words, Oksana Hrushanska, a graduate of Ohiienko University, can describe her path to success, are the following: “The result is the number of attempts.” Oksana tells that the profession of journalist is when you work without days off, when you constantly think about new texts, new ideas, and new materials. When you definitely love what you do.

During her studies at Ohiienko University, the girl has acquired the foundation for further educational practice. The Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Journalism has made it possible to acquire a wealth of knowledge of the History and Theory of text, Directing, Philosophy and, of course, how to work with information. The important thing, says Oksana, is that the university provides a strong theoretical framework that is simply needed as a basis. After all, in the future there will be plenty of practice, but there will be less to study the humanitarian theory.

Shortly after her studies, Oksana moved away to work in Kyiv: STB TV show “Vse bude dobre” (“Everything will be fine”), daily talk show “Hovoryt’ Ukraina” (“Talking Ukraine”), independent film production Real Stories Production, where she works today, combining journalism skills and screenwriting skills.

Finally, the graduate advises students to be bold, read and write a lot, and as for alma-mater – to digitize and support students’ creative ideas.

Success story of the graduate of K-PNU: Ruslan Herasymenko – a graduate of the Faculty of History in 2014 (qualification – Bachelor of History). Program Director of Radio Relax (TAVR Media Holding), content editor of the online radio station New Rock, member of the morning show team “[KAMTUGEZA”] (Radio ROKS).

 It was a coincidence that brought Ruslan Herasymenko with the Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohiienko National University together. This moment of his life became for him a starting point of the road to his own success. “From the early days of the university, I had to learn quickly something new – to read, memorize, search, manage a large amount of information, to present it publicly,” he says about studying history. This became a kind of luggage for further development. After studying at Ohiienko University, he continued his studies at UCU, trained and worked at the multimedia company “MJoy”, and then took an internship at the Ukrainian National Museum in Chicago (USA).

Radio Relax, Radio ROKS, New Rock radio station – Ruslan speaks with great pleasure about his work. This is a very responsible job, because everything we hear on the air goes through the “hands and heads” of the program director, content editor.

Ruslan advises the students of Ohiienko University to find new ways to fulfill the History and to “take in all the interesting things that happen along the way.” Then, he says, we will definitely come to the most important.

Success story of K-PNU graduate: Pichkur Bohdan – graduate of the Faculty of Natural Sciences in 2016 (qualification – Master. Geographer. Teacher of Geography), Teacher of Geography and Economics, deputy director of educational and educational work of V.M. Podhorbunskyi Comprehensive educational complex I-III degrees “School-gymnasium kindergarten» at Koziatyn District Council of Vinnytsia region.

All hobbies of Bohdan Pichkur – maps, geographic instruments, hiking, fire, tents – were concentrated in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. It was he who chose this profession. Student years were crucial for him because Ohiienko University helped him not only to learn what he wanted, but also to find a true friend, to meet his future wife, to find mentors he still focuses on.

During his studies at the University, Bohdan acquired skills in cartography, GIS technology, landscape science, geology … He believes that teaching methodology requires the most thorough study, because it is very important for the future practitioner / teacher.

About his work at school he says: “It is not easy to work, of course. I try to implement everything that is relevant today: working with a smart board, the Internet, virtual reality glasses, various online surveys using smartphones. In general, I try to “keep up” with the progress: both children are curious, and I learn a lot”.

When asked what is the secret of success, Bohdan gives an interesting answer – there is no secret, it is only necessary to try to convey to students what the teachers have taught at the university.

Bohdan Pichkur advised students to study fun and interesting, and not to forget about rest and that, indeed, the student years are perhaps the best period in life.

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