For more than a decade, the Faculty of History has been the leader among the faculties of Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohiienko National University and has become an alma mater for successful scientists.

Currently, the Faculty employs 35 full-time employees in four specialized departments, in particular, 9 Doctors of Science, professors, 26 Candidates of Science, Associate Professors. Today, the Faculty trains specialists in the following specialties: “History”, “History and jurisprudence”, “History and archeology”, “Political science”. Having acquired the profession of historian, archaeologist, and later – master of history, graduates are able to work as teachers of history and jurisprudence, lecturers of social and humanitarian disciplines; lecturers of historical disciplines in higher education institutions, employees of historical, local history and other museums, employees of historical and other archives, consultants and referents in state administrations, bodies of executive power and local self-government, employees of law enforcement agencies, employees of tourist agencies. Graduates of the “Political Science” specialty work as political scientists, political commentators, experts on social and political issues, consultants in state authorities, specialists in public and press relations, PR technologists, researchers, teachers of social and humanitarian disciplines, heads of departments of central and local state authorities.

Departments of the Faculty of History annually hold regional, all-Ukrainian, and international scientific conferences, publish thorough monographic publications, textbooks, manuals, and articles in various publications (the faculty publishes about 10 scientific collections). The professional edition of the Faculty of History “Scientific Works of Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohienko National University: Historical Sciences” is popularity and recognised in scientific circles. Over 700 historians from Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Serbia, and other countries have published their scientific research throughout the publication’s existence. The pride of our faculty is the archaeological laboratory, the department of rare publications, which contains rare publications in its fund. Various scientific and sports clubs operate at the faculty. In recent years, students of the faculty regularly win all-Ukrainian contests for student scientific works. Theoretical training is closely related to practical training – archaeological, archive-museum, legal, pedagogical, political science and other practices are conducted. Student life is full of various holidays and competitions, KVK tournaments, organized by the student self-government.

Faculty of History

The Department of Ukrainian History was founded in 1918, restored in 1990 after its closure. Famous Ukrainian scientists like Dmytro Doroshenko, Pylyp Klymenko, Pavlo Klepatskyi worked here. Today, the department, which employs 4 professors, 4 associate professors and 2 senior lecturers, actively implements various components of educational and educational-scientific programs for the training of specialists; it has become a powerful regional center for scientific research, training of doctors and candidates of sciences, doctors of philosophy, and disseminates the latest knowledge on the country’s history among teachers, local historians, and interested citizens. Collections of research articles are published; nearly 4,000 papers were completed by the department’s scientists; there are two scientific schools as well.

The Department of World History is a basic structural unit of the Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohienko National University, the origins of which date back to 1918. One of the strongest aspects of the department’s activity was and is the research work of its staff. In recent years, teachers have published a number of monographs, textbooks and manuals, dozens of articles. The department fruitfully cooperates with the NASU Institute of History of Ukraine. To one degree or another, all teachers of department maintain creative contacts with various departments of the institute. Professor L. V. Bazhenov successfully manages the Center for Podillia Historical Research of the NASU Institute of History of Ukraine. Professor V. S. Stepankov is a member of the scientific council of the scientific journal “Ukrainian Historical Journal” and “Ukrainian Historian”. Professor S. A. Kopylov is a member of the editorial board of the “Slavistic Almanac” journal (the NASU Institute of History of Ukraine), etc. Today, the Department of World History of Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohienko National University is a dynamic structure, the development of which is based on two main components: the active implementation of the latest pedagogical technologies aimed at adapting historical education to modern European standards and preserving traditions that were established by more than one generation of scientists-historians, whose names made our faculty famous.

Currently, 10 employees work at the department, including 8 scientific and pedagogical employees, 7 full-time employees and 3 part-time employees. Among them: 1 Doctor of historical sciences, 5 Candidates of historical sciences, 1 Candidate of legal sciences, 1 Professor, 5 Associate Professors, 1 Senior lecturer, 2 Heads of the educational laboratory of archeology, 1 senior laboratory assistant. The department provides teaching of 25 standard training courses, 4 special courses and special seminars. The teachers of the department carry out significant work on providing the educational process with author’s textbooks and manuals. Most of the textbooks are recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for implementation in the educational process. The scientific-pedagogical staff and post-graduate students of the department are actively engaged in research work, publish the results of research in professional journals and collections of scientific works, participate in conferences, congresses, and seminars. There are many great achievements in the history of the department, but there is hard work ahead, aimed at training highly qualified personnel: historians, archaeologists, lawyers.

The Department of Political Science and Philosophy

is a graduation department and is part of the structural subdivisions of the history faculty. It was founded in 2003 (under the name of the Department of Political Science and Sociology) and became a leader in the training of specialists in the field of political science in Khmelnytskyi Region. In 2020, the Department of Political Science and Sociology was merged with the Department of Philosophical Disciplines. Scientific and pedagogical workers of the department are actively engaged in research work, consulting, analytical, project activities, constantly raising their professional level. Graduates of the specialty 052 Political Science occupy leadership positions in the civil service and local self-government bodies, work in political parties, public organizations, charity funds, analytical centers, etc.

List of specialties

The first (bachelor) level

The educational and professional program “Secondary Education (History)” is a complex of educational components planned and organized to achieve specified learning outcomes. The purpose of the educational and professional program is the fundamental and special training of specialists based on the latest achievements of historical and pedagogical sciences: history teachers of general secondary education institutions, providing the formation of a set of specific competencies based on a system of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, abilities that are sufficient for successful implementation of production functions, solving tasks of professional activity. The educational and professional program of training specialists in history is based on scientific and practical achievements in the field of historical research, focuses on the implementation of pedagogical functions, solving tasks of professional and social activities, solving theoretical and practical problems in the field of studying history, ensuring the graduate’s ability to carry out professional activity.

The second (master's) level

032 History and archeology. The term of study is 1 year 4 months. During their studies, students master the methodology of scientific activity, skills of scientific, project and innovation character. In particular, master students master the methodology of studying historical sources, historical expertise, acquire practical skills in the use of digital tools and technologies in historical and archaeological research, the use of materials of the archaeological laboratory and the educational laboratory “Didactics of History” in the learning process,  the funds of the university library rare editions department, they also pass two production practices (research practice in the archive and teaching assistance practice). Leading specialists of the NASU Institute of History of Ukraine and other scientific institutions of Ukraine are involved in the implementation of the program.

The third (educational and scientific) level

Administration of the Faculty of History

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Leadership of the Faculty

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Oleksandr Komarnitskyi, Deputy Dean for Scientific Work and International Relations, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, e-mail address

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