The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Economics, on the one hand, is an unexplored realm of natural sciences, the foundations of the world and all the secrets of nature. On the other hand, it is a powerful center of thorough economic research, an opportunity to implement business ideas and projects. The Faculty has a long history. Since 1918, the University has had a science department and taught economic disciplines. In 2004, a single Faculty of Natural Sciences and Economics was formed, which was reorganized into two independent structures in 2006. From 2021, the Faculty again represents a combination of natural sciences and economics. Specialists are trained here in such fields of knowledge as Education, Biology, Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Management and Administration, Service sector. In total, the Faculty trains specialists in 21 specialties at the bachelor’s, master’s, and educational-scientific levels. The structure of the Faculty includes 7 departments, where 110 teachers work. The educational process is provided by highly professional academic staff. Classroom training is combined with industrial and field practices. The Faculty is integrated into the distance education system of the University. Students are actively involved in scientific activities within the work of 2 scientific research centers, 2 scientific schools, 4 scientific research laboratories. The Faculty conducts active international cooperation, which is implemented through joint projects (in particular, Erasmus+ “DigEco”), academic mobility programs, scientific events.

Department of Biology and Ecology

The Department of Biology and Methods of its Teaching ensures the training of future biologists, teachers of biology and the basics of health. The Department provides training for such degrees of higher education as bachelor’s, master’s and doctor of philosophy degrees. To organize the educational process, laboratories of botany, zoology, anatomy, physiology and human health, general biological disciplines and classrooms are equipped. The teachers of the Department are candidates of biological and pedagogical sciences who have extensive practical experience in professional activity and are happy to share their knowledge and skills with students. Education at the Department of Biology and Methods of its Teaching includes interesting and informative lectures, practical and laboratory classes, exciting field practices, expeditions and excursions to the wild, scientific research activities. This is an opportunity to realize yourself, your abilities and confidently look to the future.

The Department of Ecology trains specialists at the first and second educational levels (bachelor’s and master’s degrees) of the Ecology educational program. The department staff closely cooperates with domestic research institutions, industrial enterprises and educational institutions. This contributes to the exchange of experience, scientific ideas, proposals, opinions regarding the improvement of the educational process, discussion and resolution of common scientific and educational problems. The teachers of the Department are hardworking, demanding of themselves and students, impartial and friendly toward others. Following the experience of scientific-pedagogical domestic and international schools, the professors are able to educate experienced specialists, intellectuals, and socially responsible citizens.


The Department of Geography and Methods of its Teaching trains specialists in the specialties Secondary Education (Geography) and Geography. The academic staff has extensive experience in scientific, pedagogical and practical activities, which ensures high quality training of specialists. The Department implements innovative educational technologies in the field of geography and forms graduates’ competencies that are competitive in the labor market. The peculiarity of Department’s work is the partnership interaction of teachers and students, which makes the educational process interesting and rich. Studying in the specialties of Department includes interactive classes, field explorations, scientific seminars and trainings, creative self-realization.

Department of Economy of Enterprise provides high-quality economic education for the educational programs Economy of enterprise, Business and Trade, Accounting and Taxation of the first and second higher education levels. The teachers of the Department have extensive knowledge and are professionals. The training of specialists is provided by doctors of economic sciences, professors, as well as candidates of economic sciences, associate professors. Training of students is carried out using modern digital material-technical base and innovative technologies. Mastering the specialties of the Department involves production practice at modern enterprises, involvement of practitioners in conducting classes, active participation in international projects, business trainings and master classes.  The Department of Economy of Enterprise is a space for implementation of latest business ideas.

The Department of Management trains modern specialists in the specialty Management of Personnel Management and Labor Economics educational program at the first and second higher education levels. The Department employs professional teachers, in particular, candidates of economic and pedagogical sciences, associate professors. Teachers systematically participate in projects, programs of professional development, they undergo internships in order to ensure high-quality training of future personnel managers. Studying in the specialties of department includes interactive classroom work, production practice at enterprises, participation in competitions, scientific events and trainings on specialized topics.

The department is among the youngest and most promising. The educational process is successfully provided by a team of highly qualified teachers, including doctors of science, professors, associate professors, candidates of sciences. The sphere of scientific interests of the teachers is the development and management of the hospitality industry. The work of the department’s teachers is marked by a high level of scientific and educational-methodical training. The educational process in the specialties provided by the department is reinforced by a modern educational and methodological base, which includes specialized laboratories of innovative tourist technologies, bar business, and cooking technologies. A high level of teaching and practical training of service sector specialists is provided by excursion trips, classes on the basis of tourist and hotel and restaurant enterprises of the city.

The department trains specialists in military occupational specialties under the reserve officer training program. The high quality of the teaching staff is supported by a powerful educational and material base. It includes classrooms, boxes with layouts of military equipment, specialized laboratories, a park of engineering equipment, and a training ground.

List of specialties

The first (bachelor) level

The training of students in the specialty 014 Secondary education (Biology and human health) begins with the educational program “Secondary education (Biology and human health. Geography)” at the bachelor’s level. Students simultaneously master the qualifications of a teacher of biology, the basics of health and geography. Training is carried out during lectures, laboratory and practical classes. An important stage is production practice in an institution of general secondary education. Graduates of the specialty prove the effectiveness of the department’s work on training future teachers of biology and the basics of health with their professionalism and achievements of their students.

The program of this specialty trains the future teacher of geography to carry out methodical, pedagogical and research activities in accordance with modern conditions of the labor market. Along with classroom training, specialist training includes practice in institutions of higher education and on the basis of nature-protected areas. This ensures the complex mastering of competences in teaching geography, geographical research and organization of educational tourism activities. The specialty provides the opportunity for employment as a geography teacher, lecturer, teacher-organizer, head of the group, etc., as well as in the fields of natural and scientific research, nature protection, and tourism.

The program of this specialty trains specialists in enterprise economics. This is a fundamental and universal specialty aimed at the formation of general economic knowledge and skills. Studying in this specialty ensures the acquisition of competence in solving practical problems and specialized tasks in the field of economics and business. Specialty graduates are in demand and highly paid on the labor market. They can hold the positions of economist, economist-statistician, international trade economist, company manager, commercial director, head of the financial and economic service, etc.

The program of this specialty trains specialists in the field of accounting, control, auditing and taxation of business entities. The uniqueness of the specialty is related to the creation and management of financial and economic information of a modern enterprise and the state. This specialty requires students to acquire important digital competencies and master modern ICT. A graduate can work as an accountant, auditor, forensic accounting expert, financial inspector, tax consultant, financial analyst, etc.

The program of this specialty provides students with the development of competencies in personnel management and labor economics at enterprises, institutions, and organizations. The specialty is highly conjunctural. Its acquisition involves working with people, the possibility of rapid career growth, an increase in material well-being, and the acquisition of a socially significant status. Specialists acquire competence in planning, organizing, motivating and controlling the work of personnel within the scope of economic activity. A graduate can hold the positions of personnel manager, recruiter, head of the HR department, public relations manager, HR specialist, etc.

The specialty program provides knowledge on how to organize and successfully develop one’s own business in various areas of the economy. The advantage of the specialty is its growing demand on the labor market. This allows students to realize themselves in the field of entrepreneurship and achieve material well-being. Training in this specialty ensures the acquisition of competence in solving complex tasks and problems in the spheres of business and trade activities in market conditions. A graduate of this specialty can work as a private entrepreneur, head of a trade enterprise, broker, freight forwarder, marketer, trade manager, trade agent, e-commerce specialist, etc.

Specialty 091 Biology provides training for future employees of nature-protected institutions, laboratories, natural history museums, scientific employees in the field of biology, botany, zoology, etc. The training of those students is carried out during classroom studies in modern laboratories and during educational field and production practices. This ensures the formation of strong thorough knowledge and professional skills of graduates. The effectiveness of student training is due to the fact that it is implemented in close cooperation with the Podilski Tovtry National Nature Park. It is here that students acquire their first skills in nature research work.

The specialty involves acquiring the profession of an ecologist, which ranks 3rd among the most relevant professions of the 21st century. The demand for ecologists is constantly growing, as people are increasingly concerned about the state of natural resources and the possibilities of their conservation. Qualified ecologists develop strategic aspects of sustainable development of communities and the country as a whole. Enterprises and organizations whose activities are related to the use of natural resources must have the position of ecologist. Graduates of this specialty can find employment in environmental organizations, municipal structures, and large enterprises. They can hold the positions of environmental engineer, environmental inspector, environmental technician, environmental expert, leading specialist in ecology, environmental protection, and life safety.

The specialty is one of the most interesting among natural specialties. Its mastery involves the acquisition of knowledge and skills related to geographic research, work with geographic information systems, cartographic materials, and geotourism activities. The specialty is quite practical, which increases the value of graduates on the labor market. It is related to the development of regional planning projects, the implementation of geographic modeling, and the assessment of the influence of factors on the development of territories. Graduates of the specialty can work as geographers, researchers, specialists in urban and district planning, specialists in distribution of productive forces and regional economy.

The specialty involves a combination of modern knowledge of the psychology of communication and constant updating of skills and abilities. This profession will appeal to everyone who wants to learn the secrets of the organization and management of the hotel and restaurant business. Graduates are specialists capable of meeting the needs of domestic and foreign consumers in the field of service, taking into account modern restaurant and hotel trends. The quality of the educational process is ensured by the acquisition of practical skills in specialized university laboratories and hotel and restaurant establishments of Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, Germany and other countries.

An interesting and dynamic specialty that expands the worldview and helps the specialist to combine the beautiful with the useful. Work in the tourism sector is a chance to enter a world full of travel, exciting events, bright impressions, opportunities to see and learn about other countries. Excellent knowledge, intelligence, creativity, tolerance, knowledge of psychology, optimism, responsibility, attentiveness, the ability to analyze and communicate are the main features of a tourism specialist. Interesting work, the prospect of career growth, a high level of income, new acquaintances and travel are potential opportunities for specialists in the Tourism specialty.

The second (master's) level

The specialty trains a future teacher of biology and the basics of health in a general secondary education institution. Its mastery involves the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of biology and health care teaching methodology, as well as the implementation of research work. The specialty is classic and in demand in the modern labor market. Its graduates receive a guaranteed opportunity for successful employment in the field of education and pedagogy.

The specialty program of the second level of higher education involves deepening the training of specialists in the field of education and geography. It is aimed at forming a cohort of professional teachers of geographic disciplines. The main traits possessed by graduates of the specialty are dedication, communicativeness, creativity, responsibility, and activity. Interesting classroom work in specialized laboratories, field practice and practice in secondary education institutions – all this creates significant prospects for the graduate’s professional and career development.

The specialty program trains specialists in the field of management of business entities activity. The specialty is focused on in-depth training of modern economists who are initiative and capable of quick adaptation to the challenges of modern economic environment. It involves the acquisition of competencies for effective economic management of enterprises, business and projects, making informed economic decisions and generating new economic ideas. It is aimed at the formation of digital skills and soft-skills in graduates.

The specialty program provides training of specialists in the field of accounting and analytical processes management at enterprises, institutions and organizations. Training within the specialty is aimed at mastering modern digital skills for working with big data. Professional training includes skills in using appropriate accounting and analytical software. The students are expected to acquire managerial, control-analytical, consulting and expert competencies.

The specialty program is aimed at the formation of managerial and administrative competences under the conditions of an unstable economic environment. It is focused on the professional training of a cohort of managers. Graduates are purposeful, active, creative, ready for teamwork. The specialty is in high demand on the labor market. Its mastery creates prospects for employment in the fields of HR management, recruiting, outsourcing, consulting, project activities, etc.

The specialty provides in-depth specialized and practical training for masters in the field of biology. Its mastering is an immersion in the extremely interesting world of living systems, their development, protection and use. The high level of professionalism of the graduates ensures a combination of classroom training in modern laboratories and field biological research. The specialty provides an opportunity for employment in the fields of ecology, health care, research institutes, centers, nature reserves.

The specialty involves the acquisition of the demanded professional qualification of a master’s degree in ecology. The main focus is on the formation of competences in the management of environmental protection activities, environmental safety and balanced sustainable development of society. The professional activities of ecology specialists include environmental monitoring, assessment of the impact on the environment, rational use of natural resources, ensuring safe living conditions in production, environmental research. The most demanded and highly paid positions among those a graduate can occupy are manager of environmental systems, environmental auditor, environmental inspector, environmental technician, etc.

The specialty program provides for deepening the professional training of students in the field of hotel and restaurant business. It is aimed at those for whom cooking and customer service is a sensual art of taste. Specialists in the hotel and restaurant business have professional knowledge of management, marketing, economics, technology and organization of the hotel and restaurant business. Students study modern trends in the hotel and restaurant business. They learn to use innovative technologies of hotel and restaurant products, to control the quality of services, to organize the activities of hotel and restaurant business establishments.

A rich specialty program for those who are interested in the field of tourism and excursion industry. It has an applied nature, involves dynamic, integrated and interactive learning. The structure of the program is aimed at the formation of professional competences in the organization of the tourism business of the region. Theoretical training is effectively combined with practical training on the basis of travel agencies, excursion bureaus, museums. That is why tourism specialists have a creative way of thinking, an active professional position, digital literacy, significant managerial qualities and skills. The dynamic development and relevance of the tourism sector increases the level of demand for graduates on the labor market.

The third (educational and scientific) level

The specialty involves the preparation of PhDs in the field of biology. The directions of scientific and applied research are modern, relevant and interesting. These are, in particular, plant genetics, ecosystem development, microbiological and zoological research. Modern material and technical equipment, devices, a database, and specialized software ensure the professionalism of scientific personnel training. The specialty program is implemented on the basis of partnership with Ukrainian and foreign institutes in the field of genetics, biology, and physiology.

Administration of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Economics

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Dean of the FacultyIvan Semenets, PhD in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor


Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance of Higher EducationOlga Matuz, assistant of the department of geography and methods of its teaching


Deputy Dean for Scientific Work and International CooperationTetiana Bodnarchuk, PhD in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer of Business Economics Department



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