Peace Corps volunteer Ashley Emerson started her work at the Faculty of Foreign Philology on December 5, 2017. She works within the framework of the project ‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language’.

The aim of the project is to teach English at secondary schools, universities and pedagogical colleges and to conduct trainings in institutes of postgraduate education of pedagogical staff. Volunteers help educators expand the range of teaching tools for the work in the classroom and provide students with possibilities to acquire language skills that will help them to succeed both in further education and in their future career.

Twice a week Ashley holds ‘Speaking Club’ with students from various faculties.

Along with the teachers of the Department of English, Ashley works in the form of Team Teaching, the essence of which is that volunteer and teacher prepare to the class and conduct it together, discuss what they have achieved in the classroom and make conclusions.



The project of the international internship program AIESEC “Shape Ukraine” was implemented in Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohiienko National University on January 22, 2018. The project lasted for five weeks at the Linguistic Centre.

The aim of the project is to develop international cooperation, to promote the professional development of students with the use of foreign experience through interlanguage communication.

AIESEC provides a unique opportunity for contemporary Ukrainian youth to meet, communicate and share experience with representatives from different countries. Foreign volunteers Umut Hiunes (Republic of Turkey) and Sheldon Taodzhi (People’s Republic of China) have joined the project in our university in order to demonstrate the uniqueness of their native culture and develop the interlanguage communication skills by means of the English language.


The project ‘Speak out’ started in Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Oghiienko National University on April 19, 2017. It lasted for six weeks at the Linguistic Centre.


The aim of the project is to succeed in learning English and gain a positive communication experience in a new social and cultural environment. The foreign volunteer Amira Mokhamed Fouad Amin, citizen of the Arab Republic of Egypt, who is a diligent third-year student at one of the prestigious faculties of the Cairo University, joined the project.

Perfect level of English, individual approach to learning, responsibility in preparation to classes and their conduction is the basis of the successful project implementation with the participation of Amira Mokhamed.