German Academic Exchange Service


Germany Agreement on cooperation 01.01.2009 – open-ended Language tests for the students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology are held within the framework of this partnership in oder to obtain scholarships for studying in the higher education establishments in Germany.
Sport Club «СО-VER Sportiva MAPEI» Italy Agreement on cooperation 15.12.2009 – open-ended Scientific-research work, exchanges of sportsmen and couches.
ТESOL , subdivision“TESOL-Ukraine” the USA Agreement on cooperation 15.10.2010 – open-ended Improvement of teachers professional qualification, exchange of experience in application of the innovative methods in teaching English.
United Nations Office in Ukraine the USA Agreement on cooperation 27.01.2016 – open-ended Training of current and future generations for understanding, support and applying sustainable local development through citizen engagement.
AIESEC Ukraine Agreement on cooperation 22.11.2016 – open-ended The young generation manages the organization and are ingaged in international internship programs and related activities, which provides trainees with the opportunity to gain practical education.
British Council Great Britain Agreement on cooperation since 2018 Contribution to social changes and sustainable development through the creation and development of a network of young leaders with the involvement of youth organizations that are the engines of reforms in their communities and providing them with the knowledge and skills that will promote the building of relationships among people on the basis of equality and equal opportunities, respect for diversity, the ability to conduct a non-conflict dialogue


Gorek Restauro S.C. Republic of Poland Cooperation agreement 12.05.2018 – open-ended Organization of practice of higher education applicants of specialty 023 Fine Arts, Decorative Arts and Restoration.
Goethe-Institut in Ukraine Germany Cooperation agreement 16.10.2018 – open-ended Studying of students and teachers on the Goethe-Institut training platform and obtaining an international certificate. German language teachers’ advanced training. Preparation of multipliers with high German-speaking competence.
Department of Education in Yaroslav Republic of Poland Cooperation agreement 2019 – a period of 5 years Organization and practice of higher education applicants of specialty 014 Secondary education (Language and literature (Polish) of the educational and professional program ‘Secondary education (Polish language and foreign literature’)).
Calypso Tour UA’ Ukraine Cooperation Agreement 2018 – open-ended The subject of the agreement is cooperation in the field of tourism – internships with the aim of improving the acquired knowledge, skills and accumulation of new ones; development and assimilation of new technologies, methods of work with nano-technology; increase of foreign language skills.
Peace Corps U.S. Embassy in Ukraine U.S.A. Cooperation Agreement 05.12.2017 – open-ended Agreement on cooperation in the process of teaching students and exchanging experience with teachers in the field of teaching English in accordance with official regulations.
‘New Eastern Europe’ Journal Republic of Poland Cooperation Agreement 06.06.2019-06.06.2021 Cooperation agreement which will be implemented in the possibility of practicing abroad. The purpose of the agreement is to facilitate research and analytical work of political science students during practical training.
Municipality of Molbergen town Germany Cooperation Agreement: 15.01.2020 – a period of 3 years The subject of the agreement is cooperation in the form of organizing and conducting the practice of applicants for higher education specialty 023 Fine Arts, Decorative Arts and Restoration based on the Educational Program “Restoration of Art Works of Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohiienko National University”.