UKRAOn November 26-30, the British Council in Ukraine conducted national trainings for facilitators. As you know, our university is a full-fledged partner of the British Council within the Active Citizens project. Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohiienko National University was represented at the training seminar in Kyiv by Diana Yatsyshyn, a student at the Faculty of Foreign Philology. The program is aimed at building leadership potential, designed to foster the development of intercultural dialogue skills and social responsibility for sustainable development of society.

 “Participation in the workshop is a specter of new opportunities, motivation, and communication with people who explicitly interpret any questions, activating the full potential of creativity. I was fortunate enough to work in the British group led by Mike Waldon, a global facilitator, the head of the program Active Citizens. The exercises we performed and carried out were aimed to understand ourselves and identifying identity, building intercultural dialogue, feeling the needs of our community, planning social action projects. One of the interesting moments was the “marketplace”, during which there was an opportunity not only to present our university, but also to seize the valuable experience of other organizations. More than 48 participants from all over Ukraine were awarded an international standard certificate. Being a facilitator is an opportunity to combine the vigorous energy of active people into the right, efficient channel. Thank you to all the mentors, participants and organizers for a great amount of energy for further action, productive program, pleasant tiredness and positive impressions. And again, I want to thank the Office for International Cooperation of Ivan Ohiienko K-PNU for constant support, an effective benchmark for development and for an excellent opportunity to implement ideas. The main thing is to move forward, because we have plenty of opportunities for a better future. Dreams come and we will all get out! “

The experience of participation in such events strengthens the youth’s confidence in the self-help, helps to better realize the knowledge to establish a network of contacts and use their joint planning and implementation of projects. Soon certified facilitators of our university will conduct local trainings for all those interested, in particular, students and university teachers. So watch out for the announcements of events, because you can become the engines of change in your community!

Office for International Cooperation