Volunteering (K-PNU students continue to support the Armed Forces)

K-PNU students continue to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and coordinate fundraising for the needs of the army.

On February 14, the heads of the student self-government of the faculties/institute organized a charity event. The students formed small packages of sweets from the trade union of students, postgraduates and doctoral students of K-PNU for each faculty/institute and organized an interactive game (in order to get a sweet prize, you had to donate money and answer questions). The funds raised were donated to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The students also joined the “Make a Valentine for a Soldier” campaign. Each valentine is not just a small piece of paper with written words, but a drop of warmth, hope and gratitude sent to those who are far away from their families and friends, defending our country. Students from different faculties joined their efforts to create hundreds of beautiful valentines filled with words of support, tenderness and gratitude. All the valentines were handed over to the Center for Assistance to Kamianets ATO Participants charity fund. These small works of art will be sent to the combat zone to cheer up and show support to our warriors.

On Valentine’s Day, students of the Faculty of Special Education, Psychology and Social Work gave warmth (sweets with predictions and pleasant words) to teachers, students, employees and raised funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to give warmth to our defenders!

Together we can do more – let’s get involved in supporting the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

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Volunteering (K-PNU students continue to support the Armed Forces)