Lecturers of the Faculty of Foreign Philology took part in the EU Erasmus+ Programme

On April 15-19, 2024, the international credit mobility of the academic staff of Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohiienko National University at The Catholic University in Ružomberok (Ružomberok, Slovakia) took place within the framework of the EU Erasmus+ Programme in the direction of КА 171. PhD in Philology, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the English Language Department Oksana Halaibida took part in international credit mobility in the form of teaching; PhD in Philology, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Germanic Languages and Foreign Literature Department Olha Shapoval took part in the form of an internship.

After the first days of acquaintance with the city and the university, the practical part of the visit began. As part of the credit mobility plan, Associate Professor Oksana Halaibida (mobility in the form of teaching) gave lectures on grammatical aspects of English language style for higher education students of the Slovak University. A clear explanation of complex grammatical constructions, interactive presentation of the material, and interesting handouts captivated the audience, who actively participated in the exercises and practical tasks.

Associate Professor Olha Shapoval (mobility in the form of an internship) attended a number of lectures and seminars on the disciplines of the literary cycle, where she had the opportunity not only to learn about the methods and technologies of teaching at a European university, but also to take part in discussions and debates on projects presented by students of the British Literature course taught by Associate Professor Katarína Labudová, PhD. Associate Professor Labudová is a researcher of Margaret Atwood’s work, the author of a number of scientific works, including monographs that explore the work of the Canadian writer.

An unforgettable impression was made by a meeting with Associate Professor Gabriella Reuss, PhD, who shared her methodology for getting students interested in reading and analyzing literature, popularizing theater, and using AI in the classroom.

The conversation with the Head of the Department of English Language and Literature, Associate Professor Jela Kehoe, PhD, who spoke about the department’s educational programs, described the preparation of students for pedagogical practice, forms of certification, and the specifics of graduate employment, was extremely informative.

Teaching at the Slovak university is student-centered, aimed at individualizing learning and meeting the educational needs of students.

The participants of the academic mobility were lucky not only to see how the students of the Catholic University study, but also how they have fun. They had the opportunity to observe the “Student Folk Fun”, where students, all in national costumes, sang, held competitions and, of course, danced incendiary folk dances.

It was extremely pleasant to meet with higher education students of the University of Ohiienka Khrystyna Barchuk (Educational Programme “Secondary Education (Language and Literature (English, German)”) and Nika Kovalska (Educational Programme “English Language and Literature”), who are studying this semester under the Erasmus+ international academic mobility programme at The Catholic University in Ružomberok. The students are full of impressions from their studies, gaining experience of staying in another country, getting acquainted with national customs and traditions of European countries.

Studying the experience of teachers of a European university will certainly contribute to improving the quality of teaching disciplines of the educational programs of the Faculty of Foreign Philology.

We keep the international front for the Victory!


Office for International Cooperation

Lecturers of the Faculty of Foreign Philology took part in the EU Erasmus+ Programme