Project_Hub: ideas bank has been created!

An ideas bank of projects in the field of European Union studies has been created for academic staff of Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohiienko National University as part of the workshops held on the subject of the EU Erasmus+ Program in the Key Action Jean Monnet (Module).

Academic staff familiarized themselves with the peculiarities of work within the EU Erasmus+ Program, they chose the priorities of the program, determined common scientific interests and their relevance to the fundamental ideas of the EU role in Ukraine as a candidate country for joining the European Union. They began work on the formation of project applications, established processes of teamwork, distributed responsibilities for the successful submission of project applications, and determined the advantages of horizontal cooperation and criteria for evaluating the quality of team work.

There is a lot of fruitful and effective work ahead for a successful result for the sake of VICTORY!

We congratulate the teams of K-PNU academics on the first steps in the new stage of international project activity!

Office for international Cooperation

Project_Hub: ideas bank has been created!