Attention! New Erasmus!

The Jan Dlugosz University of Humanities and Natural Sciences in Częstochowa announces a competition for participation in the EU Erasmus+ Program KA107: International credit mobility for students. The students of 1-3 courses (as of today) of the first level of higher education (bachelor) of our university have an opportunity to study for one semester (from 01.10 to 31.12.2022).

Academic mobility can be implemented in following areas:

  1. Faculty of History
  • History
  1. Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  1. Faculty of Physical Education
  • Physical Education
  • Physical therapy
  1. Educational and Research Institute of Ukrainian Philology and Journalism
  • Journalism and media
  1. Faculty of Foreign Philology
  • Philology (English, German)
  • Polish philology
  1. Faculty of Pedagogy:
  • Fine Art
  • Musical art
  • Pre-school and Primary education
  • Pedagogy
  1. Faculty of Natural Sciences and Economics
  • Economy
  • Management
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  1. Faculty of special education, psychology and social work
  • Social work
  • Special education

Candidates requirements:

  1. Polish language proficiency, at a level not lower than B1 (with documental proof).
  2. High academic performance (GPA for all previous semesters of study).

All participants of the EU Erasmus+ program will receive a scholarship in the amount of 800 euros per month during their mobility.

You can register for the competition by filling out the Google form.

Deadline: May 27, 2022

The competitive selection will be conducted by Jan Dlugosz University of Humanities and Natural Sciences in Częstochowa.

We keep holding the line to the Victory!

Attention! New Erasmus!