Today, the issue of competitiveness of graduates of higher education institutions is becoming of the most important in Ukraine. This is one of the priority tasks of the Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohiienko National University.

On November 20, a meeting with representatives of the company “Calypso Tour UA” was held in the conference hall of the Ivan Ohienko KPNU. The company offers internship and work abroad. “The theory combined with practice is the driving force that can provide efficient training of competitive specialists in accordance with modern requirements,” said a representative of Calypso Tour UA.

The presentation was made by the CEO of the company Ercan Chavush. He spoke about the ways how students can take part in internship. These are mainly specialties related to tourism and hotel and restaurant business: tourist and transfer guide, shop guide, receptionist, waiter, chef and others. Also, there is an opportunity to try themselves as an animator, fitness trainer or massager. The demonstrated videos made it possible for students to get acquainted with the living conditions and the peculiarities of the internship workflow.

The head of the international practice department Ruslana Zhovtani emphasized the conditions for the participation of students in internship under this international program. She explained some details of completing the questionnaire, named the list of documents that should be prepared, determined the filing of documents. Ruslan Zhovtani drew attention to compulsory health insurance for students and noted that in case of unforeseen situations the company provides support to its clients and allows them to return to Ukraine before the end of the internship.

At the end of the meeting, the 3rd year students of the specialization  “Tourism” and “Hotel and restaurant business” who participated in the internship for this program last year, shared their impressions, which last year.

Olena Valyarovska

2nd year student, Faculty of Ukrainian Philology

(translated by Oleksandra Mahdiy)