VOLUNTEER work is an activity that popular around the world. Young people tend to actively participate in different volunteer missions. Students of our University are not an exception. Students of each faculty have the opportunity to join volunteer centers and to make their contribution.

The main task of University’s volunteer center is to organize different charity events, concerts and workshops.

Each year volunteer students arrange the territory around the monument to the fallen soldiers in the Second World War, visit veterans, host the meetings with former teachers of the University, who were soldiers during the War.

With the beginning of ATO in the East of Ukraine volunteers activated their work in the field of material assistance to soldiers and their families, the purchase of food, weapons, ammunition and medicines. In 2015 they received the gratitude from Public organization “Participants of ATO” for active participation in the charity action  which aim was to congratulate wives, sister and mothers of soldiers with International Women’s Day.

Throughout a year volunteers of Pedagogical Faculty visit Special Educational and Rehabilitation Center to spend some time with children, play games, watch cartoons, conduct some workshops, etc. During Christmas period, it’s a tradition to visit boarding schools of our town with presents from St. Nicolaus and Christmas fairytales.

Every year students take part in Ukrainian charity action ‘From Heart to Heart” the purpose of the action is a collection of charitable contributions for the purchase of medical equipment for Child Hospitals.

Kamianets-Podilskyi is a famous touristic destination and each year there is a grand opening of touristic season, volunteers of our University actively help the local organizations in preparation work for the big celebrations.