One of the most important goals of higher education is to create conditions for the spiritual, moral development of the student’s personality. At the same time, in today’s society, there is an urgent need for specialists who have a high level of culture, education, professional competencies.

Creating a socially and aesthetically harmonizing environment at the University encourages students to work in different activities. Attracting students to art contributes to the development of aesthetic culture, creative attitude to educational, artistic, scientific and professional activities.

Thus, the motivation of students for creative activities contributes to the development of aesthetic culture.

Theater Studio “Elvisia” (Head – Natalia Dvornitska, deputy dean of educational and vocational guidance work) and “Estel” (Head – Lyudmila Pochinok, Associate Professor of the Department of History of Ukrainian Literature and Comparative Studies) that work in our University, help talented students discover and develop theatrical abilities, teach them to stay confident on stage and prepare for public speaking.

In the history of their existence, actors with their supervisors had put countless amount of plays and prepared different performances. There were staging  performances not only on the grounds of Ukrainian authors and writers but also on the ground of famous foreigners.

Theatrical studio is replenished annually with young talented participants, develops and creatively grows. Here they study world theater classics and experiment with new theatrical forms.