Meetings of the student speaker club take place once every three weeks. At the club meetings, students not only learn to speak properly but also have the opportunity to listen to interesting reports.

For the convenience and objectivity of the club, students receive special anonymous evaluation letters, in which everyone can evaluate the report of the speaker. Observations are not discussed aloud during the meetings of the club members since each speaker receives his/her evaluation sheet and gets acquainted with his/her results. But it is possible to give speakers a question, therefore quite often at the meetings of the club, there are genuine discussions, within which students try to find common ground.

“Starting from the first meeting on February 8, 2018, we receive a portion of “luxury of human communication” with teammates every three weeks, which can be called unobtrusive, charismatic, engaged in their preferences, energetic, funny, smart , etc… For one year we have been teaching each other competently, correctly, carefully to express our thoughts, learn tact, benevolence and respect!”

(Tetiana Bilousova, Head of the Student Speaker Club)

For the year of existence of the club different topics were discussed:

– “12 reasons to learn dancing”

– “Shopping addiction”

– “How to fight common sickness: traditional medicine or natural methods?”

– “Arthur Conan Doyle and his famous Sherlock Holmes”

– “Festivals are the heart of Kamianets-Podilskyi”

– “Three Stages of Soul Development – Three Stages of Speech Development”

– “Golden Rules of a Successful Teacher”

– “Modern Military Sports Game”

– “How to improve your English skills”

– “In what ways people listen to the music”

So many topics have been discussed and so much more ahead. So join and improve your speaking skills!