K-PNU students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology, specialty 014 Secondary Education (Language and Literature (English)  Anastasiia Riabokliach, Anna Feruk, Andrii Dubinskyi became participants in the event of the Teaching Excellence project.

Students were happy to share their impressions of participating in the event, in particular, they emphasized that the project is implemented by the British Council in Ukraine in partnership with the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Advance HE (Great Britain) and with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance. Therefore, it was extremely important for them to join the new modern teaching experience and become “judges” of interdisciplinary modules developed by program participants from 10 Ukrainian universities, because it is extremely responsible to give feedback openly in front of a respectable audience!

Of course, all modules are really modern and attractive for students. According to the plan of Kathy Wright and Caroline Brennan, the invited students had the opportunity to share their thoughts and impressions in different ways.

Flexible and convenient learning conditions were offered in each module to make the schedule of students fully available for the implementation of their own professional and personal plans.

All the modules had great presentations and titles, so it was easy to remember each one and highlight the main features and advantages. A total of 5 modules with completely different approaches had been presented.

Students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology are convinced that their topics are relevant in modern education system. For example, the Boost your confidence in your future career project deals with important issues of self-esteem and self-confidence, which are important components of success not only in education, but also in life.

Currently, the authors of the Don’t Stress. Create possibilities project are focused on stress resistance and an active and healthy lifestyle. These aspects also play an important role in society. High Five to Wow Employability prepares students for job interviews.

Students are convinced that such an experience has given them the opportunity to realize how wide their opportunities can be. Each teacher can organize modern interactive learning conditions for students, using the best and most modern methods.

Various platforms and ideas on how to implement them were also presented at the meeting. Everyone had the opportunity to ask their questions and determine a modern learning approach – the ability to consult and take into account student’s opinion. This helped to look at the perspective directions of Ukrainian education development and the choice of a profession in a completely different way.