On December 21, 2022, final meeting of K-PNU team within the Teaching Excellence program, implemented by the British Council in Ukraine in partnership with the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Advance HE (Great Britain), (Hennadii Besarabchuk, PhD in Pedagogics, Head of the Educational and methodological center for Quality Assurance of Education; Tetiana Srorchova, PhD in Pedagogics, Head of the Office for Interatioal Cooperation; Nataliia Mieliekiestseva, PhD in Philology; Andrii Khoptiar, PhD in Historical Sciences (is now in AFU) with  Svitlana Kalashnikova, Doctor in Pedagogics, professor, Advisor to the Directorate of the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, National Coordinator of the Project.

The participants of the meeting shared the experience gained in the implementation of Teaching Excellence program, its implementation in K-PNU, and outlined promising areas of cooperation for the professional growth of the academic community of the university.

Working group meeting the day before the war (February 23)

There are many interesting initiatives, new opportunities and prospects for the development of our university and teaching excellence ahead: implementation of the OHIIENKO-DEH project, implementation of the University Framework and Teaching Excellence policy, Graduate Profile, Teacher Profile, etc..

National project coordinator Svitlana Kalashnikova made valuable recommendations on the digitalization of the university educational process, ensuring the professional growth of its employees, search and implementation of best teaching practices. She also offered consulting support and assistance in teaching practices implementation.

We keep holding the line to the VICTORY!