In March 2023, a monograph « Teaching Excellence in Higher Education: theory and practice» has been published, as a part of the Teaching Excellence Program, implemented by the British Council in Ukraine in partnership with the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Advance HE (Great Britain).

K-PNU team is among the authors: PhD in Pedagogics, Head of the Educational and methodological center for Quality Assurance of Education, Hennadii Besarabchuk; PhD in Pedagogics, Associate professor, Head of the Office for Interatioal Cooperation, Tetiana Storchova; PhD in Philology Nataliia Mieliekiestseva;  PhD in Historical Sciences Andrii Khoptiar (is now in AFU).

The monograph is devoted to the implementation of the teaching excellence paradigm. This direction is one of the priorities of the development of the European area of higher education, which includes Ukrainian higher education.

The publication contains three parts: the first part summarizes the theoretical foundations and political implications for the implementation of teaching and learning excellence in universities; in the second part, the practices of domestic higher education and scientific institutions, as well as international projects implemented in Ukraine and are in charge of the practices, are presented; in the third – practical recommendations for universities and scientific institutions regarding the creation of institutional models, strategies, approaches, solutions for improving teaching and learning excellence are presented.

The monograph will be useful for academic staff of universities, management personnel, researchers and experts who are interested in the problem of teaching and learning excellence and are directly responsible for its solution in higher education institutions.

We now continue to systematically work on the implementation of the strategic tasks of K-PNU activities, where one of the main ones is the formation, preservation and strengthening of personnel potential. This implies the need to create appropriate conditions for professional formation, development, improvement and self-improvement of academic staff.

Hennadii Besarabchuk,
Head of the Educational and methodological center for Quality Assurance of Education