Success story of K-PNU graduate: Pichkur Bohdan – graduate of the Faculty of Natural Sciences in 2016 (qualification – Master. Geographer. Teacher of Geography), Teacher of Geography and Economics, deputy director of educational and educational work of V.M. Podhorbunskyi Comprehensive educational complex I-III degrees “School-gymnasium kindergarten» at Koziatyn District Council of Vinnytsia region.

All hobbies of Bohdan Pichkur – maps, geographic instruments, hiking, fire, tents – were concentrated in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. It was he who chose this profession. Student years were crucial for him because Ohiienko University helped him not only to learn what he wanted, but also to find a true friend, to meet his future wife, to find mentors he still focuses on.

During his studies at the University, Bohdan acquired skills in cartography, GIS technology, landscape science, geology … He believes that teaching methodology requires the most thorough study, because it is very important for the future practitioner / teacher.

About his work at school he says: “It is not easy to work, of course. I try to implement everything that is relevant today: working with a smart board, the Internet, virtual reality glasses, various online surveys using smartphones. In general, I try to “keep up” with the progress: both children are curious, and I learn a lot”.

When asked what is the secret of success, Bohdan gives an interesting answer – there is no secret, it is only necessary to try to convey to students what the teachers have taught at the university.

Bohdan Pichkur advised students to study fun and interesting, and not to forget about rest and that, indeed, the student years are perhaps the best period in life.