Success story of K-PNU graduate: Nikolaieva Nataliia – a graduate of the Faculty of Natural
Sciences in 2013 (qualification – Master of Biology). Researcher at the Biomedical Center of the
Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovenská akadémia vied).

Natalia says that the decision to study at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of K-PNU was made
unconditionally – this is exactly what she wanted. During her studies, she always gravitated to
various scientific activities: student competitions, defenses of scientific papers. But one of the
brightest memories – the famous field practices of the Faculty with a trip to nature for a few days.
Ohiienko University has given Nataliia many skills, such as the development of analytical skills,
the ability to process large amounts of information, and improvement of her time management
After graduating from K-PNU, Nataliia went on an internship in Slovakia. Later on she decided
to continue her studies at the Slovak University. She is currently working in the field of
molecular research.
The graduate shares that the most important thing in productive work is the correct organization
of time. You need to be able to determine the time for professional growth and personal one. For
Nataliia it is communication with relatives, traveling, dancing.
Natalia comments on her success story as follows: “I can't say that I have achieved success in
life. I have only experience of passing certain stages of life. It's probably really important to love
what you do. ”