Dear students,

In the table below, we present you the list of the most frequently asked questions. We believe this information will be useful for you and will help you to understand the admission procedure better and make your student life easier and more comfortable.


Question Answer
1.     How can I apply to Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohiienko National University (K-PNU)? 1.     You can apply to K-PNU by contacting an Admission Officer via email or telephone number:


·        +380676797260

for knowing the admission process and required admission documents

2.     Do I need a study visa? 2. Yes, study visa is required.
3.     How to enroll for the Preparatory Department? 3. In order to apply for the Preparatory Department you should take the following steps:

·        fill out the Google Form (attaching all the required admission documents)

·       complete the Application Form and   send to this email:

4.     When can I get the Invitation for Study? 4. As soon as you send all the required admission documents, we start to register your Invitation for Study in the Ukrainian State Center of International Education

When the Invitation is registered, next step is making payment of 324 UAH for the services of the Ukrainian State Center of International Education. Then we print it out and send it to you via post.

You need the Invitation in order to apply for a study visa.

5.     What are the open and close admission dates? 5. Recently, due to the COVID-19, the admission dates are December 15, 2020 and March 1, 2021
6.     What is the duration of study? 6. The duration of study at the Preparatory Department (Ukrainian Language Course) is 10 months.
7.     How much I need to pay for the language course? 7. You can see the current tuition fee for study by clicking the link below.

8.     What is the language of tuition? 8. Preparatory Department conducts study in Ukrainian language (English – medium)
9.     Does the University provide accommodation for international students? 9. Yes, the University provides international students with accommodation. International students stay in the dormitory №5.

You can see the current accommodation fee by clicking the link below

10.   Is there any scholarship for international students? 10. Unfortunately, the University doesn’t offer scholarships for international students.
11.  Can I work in Ukraine? 11. No, you can’t. It’s illegal for international students to work during study.
12.    How much does the life in Ukraine cost per month? 12. The life in Ukraine is rather cheap. If you live in the dormitory, then approximately 200$ per month will be enough for your comfortable life.
13.    Do I need a COVID -19 insurance? 13. Presently, COVID-19 insurance is required.
14.    What is a location of the University? 14. The main building of the University is located at 61, Ohiienko Str.

Office for International Cooperation you can find on the 3rd floor, room 305.

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