The principal task of the Faculty of Correctional Pedagogics and Psychology is to educate and train specialists in the main fields of Social Work and Social Welfare.

The Faculty provides courses in many Specializations and Educational Programs for Bachelor’s degree: Special Education (Oligophrenopedagogics, Logopedics and Social psychology). The Faculty Study focuses on the Theoretical and practical Psychology, Social Work subjects and Social Welfare Programs: Social Assistance, Special Education (Oligophrenopedagogics and Logopedics), Special Education: Logopedics and Special Psychology, Social Welfare: Social Assistance.

The Faculty of Correctional Pedagogics and Psychology teaches students different forms of organization of education for children with disabilities, studies the essence, regulations, principles and methods of correctional education. The special educational programs focus on psychophysiological characteristics of children with disabilities, regularities of their training and education, especially for the special education of children with special needs and features of their development, the way of social adaptation and rehabilitation of such category of people.

The Faculty is also an important research institution whose personnel take part in many scientific conferences and panel thematic tables. Scientific teamwork is focused mainly on such basic researches: correctional pedagogy and pedagogics, social rehabilitation, development of the technology, a combination of methods, techniques and tools to correctional and pedagogical impact on the personality.


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