Major Academic Programme Faculty
1. Economics

Faculty of Economics

2. Accounting and Taxation
3. Management
4. Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities
5. Hotel and Restaurant Business
6. Tourism
7. Secondary Education (Mathematics)

Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

8. Secondary Education (Physics)
9. Professional Education (Protection of Labour)
10. Computer Sciences (Computer Sciences)
11. Secondary education (History)

Faculty of History

12. Secondary educations (History and Law Sciences)
13. History and Archeology
14. Political Science
15. Secondary Education (English Language and Literature)

Faculty of Foreign Philology

16. Secondary Education (German Language and Literature)
17. Secondary Education (Polish Language and Literature)
18. Philology (Germanic Language and Literature (translation program is included)
19. Secondary Education (Ukrainian Language and Literature)

Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Journalism

20. Philology (Ukrainian Language and Literature)
21. Journalism (Journalism)

22. Secondary Education (Physical Culture)

Faculty of Physical Culture

23. Physical Culture and Sport (Physical Culture and Sport)
24. Health Services (Physical Therapy and Ergo therapy)
25. Secondary Education (Biology and Human Health)

Faculty of Natural Sciences

26. Biology (Biology)
27. Secondary Education (Geography)
28. Ecology
29. Sciences about Earth
30. Special Education

Faculty of Correctional Pedagogy and Psychology

31. Psychology
32. Social work
33. Social Welfare
34. Preschool Education

Faculty of Pedagogy

35. Primary Education (with English)
36. Secondary Education

37. Fine Arts, Decorative Arts, Restoration